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Are you looking for a graceful, strong, and potent form of yoga based on soft flowing movements? Dru Yoga will be perfect. It’s designed to be accessible and inclusive for beginners, all age groups, fitness levels, body types and individual health needs.

Central to Dru Yoga is the Energy Block Release sequences (EBRs). These are a series of movements specifically designed to release stuck energy on all levels of our being, directly influencing our subtle energy channels.

The result is that Dru Yoga works therapeutically on the whole body, the mind and one’s emotional wellbeing, strengthening the powerful energy field surrounding the heart, bringing about empowerment, transformation, harmony and happiness.

No prior yoga experience is necessary

Benefits of Dru Yoga


Reducing stress and tension


Easing back pain, headaches and other physical discomforts


Transforming painful emotions into positive


Easing negative thinking


Improving feelings about yourself and others


Boosting your energy and vitality


Positively transforming your life, and as it does, the positive effects may ripple outwards and influence those around you


If you are wondering about a Dru Yoga session, here are some questions people often ask.

What does a typical Dru Yoga session look like?

Sessions begin with an enjoyable, active warm-up; with the intention of getting your blood and oxygen flowing and bringing you into your yoga space. This is followed by an Energy Block Release (EBR) designed to release energy blocks in your body. After this, you are invited to explore a sequence or posture that offers you further flexibility and strength. Deep restorative relaxation is offered at the end of each session with the intention of leaving you revitalised, centred and restored.

All sessions are trauma-informed, meaning there are no hands-on physical adjustments and no working in pairs. You will be encouraged to do what suits your body, meaning you may come out of a posture in your own time or simply choose not to do it at all.

Trauma-informed yoga is about respecting your personal boundaries and choice. It’s relevant to all of us, whether you have recently experienced trauma or are simply looking for a session that is less prescriptive and more collaborative.

Will the class be too hard for me?

Many people who want to resume or begin yoga are concerned about how hard the session will be, whether or not they will be able to keep up or perhaps whether they can do it all due to an injury/illness.

Dru Yoga sessions focus on working at a comfortable pace. If you find that any shape or movement causes you discomfort physically or emotionally, options and choices will be offered so you can choose to modify your shape to suit you, or you can move out of it, or simply choose not to do it at all.

If you doubt your ability to practice yoga or you wish to deepen your yoga practice, then Dru Yoga is for you. There is no need to be fit or flexible, making this style of yoga suitable for people of all abilities, fitness levels and age groups.

What do I need to do if I wish to know more?

You are invited to connect with me.

Here you can expect a general conversation around admin and a sharing of information about the session will be offered, as well as answering a few questions about prior experience with yoga movement and individual requirements.

If you are looking for a session where you lighten your emotional load, calm and restore your nervous system and really reconnect with your body as a way of nourishing and healing, then this is the class for you. Feel free to connect with me

Can I meet you before commencing the sessions?

It’s a great idea to meet me before the yoga sessions. You are invited to contact me so we can connect and discuss more. If you attend a face-to-face session, you are welcome to arrive ten minutes early. It’s helpful to know where the session is, where to park and what the space looks like.

Yoga is the Journey of the Self,

Through the Self,

To the Self.

– The Bhagavad Gita –

Hear from our satisfied Yoga participants

… Her program promotes choice and delivers this in a safe space

Becki is a genuinely lovely person with a gentle nature. Her program promotes choice and delivers this in a safe space. Each week Becki added new techniques developing a better understanding of my body and strength. The sessions left me in a calm, restful and centred state. Thank you Becki!

Stephanie – Melbourne

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